Side effects of other medicines in cancer patients

Recovery and healing from bad effects of other medicines in cancer patients

Along with chemotherapy patients are often given other medicines for example antibiotics, antacids, steroids etc. Such medicines can have severe side effects on the patients.

Antibiotics are given to either prevent or reduce infection if any. However patients start complaining of constipation, loss of appetite, acidity along with common side effects of chemotherapy like hair loss, lowered blood counts, weakness, nausea, vomiting etc.

Management of side effects involves a judicious use of chemotherapy and other medicines. Sometimes excessive use or non-judicious use of medicines can be the cause. In those situations a guidance on how and what to discuss with your oncologist can be provided by the homeopath.

Sometimes the chemotherapy agent or medicine is absolutely intolerable to the patient. The patient may be allergic to it or is too weak to tolerate it. At such a time an accurately chosen homeopathic remedy selected on the basis of a detailed history and study of the symptoms of the patient help give a very prompt and soothing relief.

Complications like these and any such symptoms can be significantly helped with the right homeopathic prescription. To know more…