Recovery and healing from Cancer Surgery

In a lot of cancers namely Breast, Colon, Prostate surgery is one of the options. Typically patients come to a homeopath with the following questions:-

Do I need surgery? Can homeopathy avoid it?

While homeopathy has a lot to offer and help patients in any stage of cancer. When a patient comes to us we first evaluate the scope. What type of cancer the patient has? What is the stage of cancer? Does the patient have any co-morbidities etc. Based on these combination of factors we decide if we can handle it exclusively with homeopathy or we have to go for both together – homeopathy and surgery. Following are a few examples:-

So a patient in stage 1or 2 of oral cancer with no co-morbidities has a good prognosis with surgery. Surgery in early stage oral cancer is very effective. We suggest patients operate it and take homeopathy along with it to prevent relapse and avoid complications during surgery. However a last stage oral cancer patient is better off taking only homeopathy for a better quality of life and quantity of life.

Similarly, in certain kind of skin cancers, neuroendocrine cancers taking homoeopathy exclusively at any stage of cancer is the ideal choice.

Therefore, the answer to this question lies with the patients overall health and stage, type of cancer. To know what we can offer you book a free chat with me…

Will homeopathy help me recover faster from the surgery? Prevent Complications?

Yes definitely. Homeopathic medicines prevent infections and other complications of a surgery. These medicines act on the immunity and improve the body functioning to adapt to the stress of a surgery. Any kind of mental stress, fears, anxiety can be coped up very well with the correct homeopathic remedy.

Can I take homeopathy to prevent the relapse of cancer?

Yes you should. The modern medicine approach with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation is to kill the cancer cells in the body. The homeopathic approach is to look for the reason. Why these cells were not killed by the body? We all have cancer cells in our body and the body gets rid of them on a daily basis. In a cancer patient this does not happen hence a tumour develops. When we approach the reason behind its development, we look for reasons at all levels namely –

Physical level for life style changes, diet changes etc.
Physical or mental illnesses that contribute. With the same treatment all the other comorbidities of the patient are treated for a better and holistic well being.
Mind and emotions – We the right remedy we help the patient over come grief, stress, fear, grudge or any emotion which is a hinderance in living a healthy life.
Genetic or family history.

This holistic approach addresses all causes of cancer at any level the body to give lasting relief and prevent relapse. To know more…