Radiation its side effects managed with Homeopathy

Radiation therapy uses strong electromagnetic waves like x rays to kill cancer cells. However depending on the extent of spread and where the cancer is located in the body, it is decided if you require radiation therapy or no.

Even though radiation is targeted towards the cancer cells, healthy cells surrounding the cancer tissue are also affected and killed. Depending on the which part the patient is receiving the therapy there are local and general side effects.

General side effects are :- fatigue, skin colour changes, stiffness, tightness, hair loss.

Local side effects are: – In brain – memory loss, lack of concentration , headache etc. If in pelvis – problems in urination, bowel movements, sexual activity. If on mouth – taste change, difficult swallowing, mouth ulcers etc.

Different patients react differently to different causative factors. Some patients smoke regularly but do not develop cancer while some with the best of life style develop cancer. Why is this? This is because it is our body and mind that determines if we will get affected by a causative factor and how much we will get affected.

It is this predisposition of the body and mind that we need to treat. There are many patients who have no side effects or minimal side effects after radiation while some have very intense side effects. Homeopathy recognises this variation in symptoms due to the predisposition and helps the body get rid of the side effects by reducing the predisposition.

Homeopathic remedy will help your body cleanse itself of all the toxins accumulated from radiation, chemotherapy or any other source. A remedy chosen by studying your mind and body reaction to the radiation will not only help in the side effects but also help in the recovery from cancer. It will reduce the reoccurrence and address all the causes in mind and body so the no new cancer cells develop.

In this way it gives lasting relief in the mind and body to the patient. Gives a holistic relief with no side effects in a very gentle, painless, harmless manner.