Manage Side Effects Of Chemotherapy With Homeopathy

Treating side effects of Chemotherapy

When a patient chooses to take chemotherapy. The most common question we are asked is can I do something to reduce the side effects? Does homeopathy help in this?

Yes homeopathy definitely helps in this. The right homeopathic remedy does give miraculous results. The right remedy is selected based on individual symptoms of the patient. You will see different patients receiving the same chemotherapeutic agent will react differently. Some develop severe symptoms, some develop minor symptoms and some develop symptoms which may not even be known side effects of the agent.

Why is there this difference? The difference is due to different patient having different health status, immunity. Different patients have different life style, different patients react differently, behave differently to the same chemotherapeutic agent.

In homeopathy we treat the person with the disease, not just the side effect. A remedy which has the depth and capacity to help the patient cope up with the side effects physically and mentally is what is needed. A remedy which understand the needs of the patient, the health status and immunity will definitely help the patient recover from these side effects.

For treating the side effects, we may give the same chemotherapeutic agent in a highly diluted energised form to stimulate healing provided the symptoms match. Or an appropriate plant, mineral, animal remedy is given based on the symptom similarity.

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