How to slow down the growth of cancer?

How to slow down the growth of cancer?

There are different types of cancers. Some are aggressive namely pancreatic, lung, kidney etc. Some are less aggressive like prostate, neuroendocrine cancer etc. These different kind of cancers need different kinds of treatments.

In aggressive cancers our first objective is to control the growth and give symptomatic relief. Later on based on the age, comorbidities and overall health of the patient we can decide the scope of homeopathic medicine. If we can take a curative approach or a palliative one.

In less aggressive cancers giving symptomatic relief, lifestyle modifications is the way to keep the cancer growth in check.

We can now understand why different patients need different treatments. Based on their individual dispositions, genetic make up, lifestyle, symptoms, overall health, age, other diseases etc we decide what treatment to give. Therefore the homoeopathic way of studying the patient from all angles and giving a individualised therapy that suits the patients needs is the way forward. Such treatment give a gentle suffering free life.

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