How to prevent cancer?

Cancer develops due to 3 primary cases:-

a. Genetic factors – family history.
b. Lifestyle causes – Habits like smoking, alcohol. Unhealthy diet, deficiency in nutrients. Exposure to toxins occupation, pollution, fertilisers etc.
c. Stress, unresolved emotions.

Genetic factors role can be reduced or nullified by finding the appropriate homeopathic remedy to treat your present health problems. Treating all your present health problems with homeopathy is very important since its these illnesses which cause genetic damage and later on evolve into cancer. However, a proper life style and stress management are vital.

Life style factors need either detoxification from toxins, medicines, hormones, pollution or supplementation of balanced nutrients.

Detoxification – there are a lot of options available today for this. However the vital point is to choose the one needed for you. Taking any detoxification therapy because it worked for someone else may or may not work for you. In fact sometime it can be detrimental. Therefore, we study the patient and based on the study we advice the patient a diet plan, detox therapy which is indicated for this patient.

Not all patients need all therapies not do all therapies work for everyone. One therapy works for you, another works for someone else. Hence what we offer is a individualise therapy based on the needs of the patient. It’s a tailor made approach.

Similarly, for stress management homeopathy is the only medicine that I know of which can transform a person mental emotional state. It helps patients resolve their emotions and live with more peace and health.

Thus my addressing all the causes of cancer on all 3 levels we can be confident of not having cancer.