How to Prevent Cancer? How to Over Come the Fear of Cancer?

Cancer is a genetic disease. When there are genetic mutation in cell during division new abnormal cells are created. As these abnormal calls keep proliferating cancer starts to develop in patient.

Such genetic mutations can be prevented. For prevention we first know what causes these mutations. Genetic mutations are caused by family history, lifestyle factors like continued bad diet, no exercise, continuous exposure to toxins etc. Another very important cause is mental/emotional stress.

Homeopathy is the only science which has studied and has remedies for genetic predisposition. In homeopathy when we see a family history of cancer and predisposition in a patient towards cancer we call it a Miasmatic disease. These miasmatic disease remedies have be found out by the Father of Homeopathy – Dr.Samuel Hahnemann by studying many patients symptoms. Symptoms which run through such patients families. Recently, we homeopaths have studied many more patients and have found newer remedies which are indicated for cancer predisposition. Based on these symptoms we can identify patients and prescribe a remedy which shall help get rid of this genetic predisposition.

The other causative factors of lifestyle, diet and mental stress are somethings that the patient has to improve upon. Eating healthy food, sleeping well, taking no stress are essential.

Wait a minute do we not see that some patients who smoke daily and do not develop cancer, while there are people who live the healthiest of lifestyles and still develop cancer. Why is this so?

This is because lifestyle, diet , exercise are supporting factors which enhance our health but the real cause of good health is good immunity. A good functioning healthy body even when exposed to toxins, stress copes up well and cleanses the body of cancer cells. A bad functioning mind and body even with the best and healthiest of resources will fall ill with slightest exposure to toxins, infections.

Hence the main focus has to be on immunity and overall mind body health. If your small infections and daily diseases are treat with homeopathy each such illness with enhance your immunity and hence prevent cancer. When you have a stress and you are not able to cope up with it use homeopathy. Is been very effective to help patient overcome stress and handle stress better. The more cleansing takes place at the mind and body level in your daily life, small illnesses the more healthy you will be and less predisposed to develop any kind of cancer.

This is how a holistic approach of mind, body and genetic factors homeopathy addresses the causes of cancer and prevents cancer. A patient with fear of cancer needs to treat the fear along with he physical and genetic symptoms.