How Homeopathy helps in cancer

Individualisation In homoeopathy

The homoeopathic approach to treat any disease is to identify the individualistic predisposition of a patient which landed him in a diagnostic illness. The individual predispositions develop from a multiple causes from 3 broad categories:-


Genetic Predisposition

Family history, personal history


Intrinsic causes

MENTAL – Stress, grief, tensions, grudge etc.

PHYSICAL – food habits – excess sugar, red meat or eat only particular foods and not have a holistic diet, excretory function affected – stool, urine, perspiration etc. ( toxin accumulation lead to cancer), lifestyle causes – sedentary lifestyle, modern-day stress, travel etc), Inherent diseases – leukoplakia, inflammatory bowel disease etc.


Extrinsic Causes

Exposure to toxins. Tobacco, alcohol, occupational hazards. Fertilisers. Pollution. Lack of nutrition.

A patient may have a combination of causes from the above 3 categories. As different patients have a different combination of causes so each one will require a different approach. Some may need better nutrition and lifestyles changes, some may need to avoid toxins and reduce stress in life and so on and so forth….

Sometimes the causes may be the same in a set of patients but what symptoms and how these symptoms manifest in a patient at physical and mental level define the choice of remedy. For example, we see a group of patients have smoking as their cause but each one from this group manifests symptoms in a different manner. Some have very intense symptoms, some have minor, some have bowel disturbances others will have headaches, some become irritable, some are still calm, while others become very scared so and so forth.

Therefore the set of causes along with the type of symptoms developed at physical and mental levels determine the choice of remedy in homoeopathy. This is a tailor-made approach in the selection of medicine.

At the age of 70 my aunt was diagnosed of lung cancer which had spread all over the body. We had been suggested she does not have life more than six months or one year. In no way was my aunt ready for chemotherapy or radiation therapy, so tried for other alternatives. I came to know about Dr.Shrikant Talari through my colleagues who were his patients. Initially, when we came to him, we were very skeptical of the treatment.

My aunt was suffering a lot, continuous coughing, breathlessness, she could not move, was bed ridden, we had to feed her, bath her etc.

To our surprise we saw results within one to one and a half month’s treatment. My aunt’s cough became lesser and lesser by the day. She started to move around. The most dramatic part of the situation was she gained weight in 6 months.Some our relatives who are doctors and radiologists when briefed of the situation were surprised to know and they said this is something miracle happening. Once after a year of treatment my aunt told me, now I do not need any treatment I am fully fit. Once she climbed 3 staircases, that was a real puzzle for me!!! She continued to live happily with no sufferings for 4 years. Even her death was absolutely painless and smooth. This was the way we gained benefit from Dr.Shrikant Talari’s treatment.


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