Post Graduate

Mentoring Programme

with Dr.Shrikant


Do you want to improve your success rates with your clients?


Do you want to increase confidence in prescribing?


Do you want to study a particular niche and become proficient?

Who is it for?

This course is for those who want to achieve excellence in homeopathic practice.

It’s a mentorship program where assistance will be provided in:

• Case taking
• Case analysis
• Evaluation
• Repertorisation
• Materia medica references
• Clinical understanding to know the scope of homeopathy.

We offer a comprehensive package to increase your results in your practice. Follow up’s of the cases will be regularly discussed.

A complete transformation of your life and practice.

This is the perfect course for those who want to develop a classical homeopathy practice with amazing results. 

If you are a passionate homeopath wanting to develop a successful practice this is the course for you.

This course will give you the confidence to give consistent results in your speciality. Its focus is to develop your skills, to give you the tools of gaining knowledge and wisdom in your speciality for a strong homeopathic practice.

This course will help you:


Have a good and successful homeopathic practice


Special focus on developing a niche practice


Get consistent results in your practice


Develop your skills of case taking


Enhance your knowledge of materia medica


Know the artistic and routine use of repertory


Develop clinical knowledge in your speciality – diagnosis, prognosis, investigations, diet, exercise, yoga and other auxiliary means to handle the speciality you choose.

Learn follow up management, importance of posology in practice

Dr. Shrikant

With 15 years of intense clinical practice in classical homeopathy, I feel the urge to share my knowledge and experience with you.

I would like to share with you a comprehensive understanding of the key points to become a successful classical prescriber.

This course will guide you through the processes that I have learnt in order to become a strong practitioner.

I use different methods of homeopathy both the traditional and contemporary together for best results. I believe my journey from the conflict of which methods to use in practice to the clarity on when to use which method will drastically improve your practice.

Developing my own speciality practice in cancer has turned my practice around, I will be able to help you build and grow your own speciality so you can thrive.

Phase 1

(6 months)

The most influential art and skill is to elicit symptoms.

A well-taken case is half done. A well-taken case tells us what the keynotes are in the case is. We may not even have to think; it will become apparent what is to be treated in a case.

Phase One comprises:
6 hours of lectures (1 hour per month)
6 Supervision cases with individual help for each case.

In this module:

Case taking skills:

  • How to elicit mental symptoms.
  • How to elicit physical symptoms.
  • How to read and use the various reports and diagnoses of the patient.

Dr Shrikant will ask for further clarification and
information, for which you will go back to the patient. If, after 2 attempts, Dr Shrikant has still not got enough information, he will request to retake the case directly with the patient. (This will incur an additional fee).
Through these cases, all learning on case taking, and remedy selection will be taught.

Phase 2

(6 months)

Learn different ways to analyse and evaluate a case. There are different methods in homeopathy, and as students we may feel overwhelmed by the magnitude, depth and variety of methods available. Mostly we are lost in thinking about which is the correct one, how do I learn it, can I learn it, it seems too difficult for me etc.

Phase two comprises:
6 hours of lectures (1 hour per month)
6 Supervision cases

In this module:

You will learn all the different approaches and their integration in practice.

You will be taught both the old classical methods of Dr Hahnemann, Dr Kent, Dr Boger, and Boeninghausen, and their integration with the newer forms of Prof.Vithoulkas, Dr Sankaran, Dr Sehgal etc. You will be shown a model of case taking, analysis and evaluation which can be used in all cases, while being able to choose the method that will be useful for the patient.

Supervision cases
Will be taken by the students and presented. If the case is well taken, we will focus on analysis, evaluation and remedy selection. If not well taken, the student will be given pointers to go and retake the case. If the case is still not clear after this, Dr.Shrikant will take the case (an additional fee of £150 will be charged for this).

Phase 3

(6 months)

Skill and knowledge development. How to study a case, and remedy.

How to use the repertory. Integration of clinical knowledge with homeopathy information.

Phase three comprises:
12 hours lectures (6 x 2 hour lectures) + Homework of studying and presenting 3 remedies, 10 rubrics + 6 Supervision cases.

In this module:

How to study Materia Medica – 6 hours
How to study repertory and its use in practice – 6 hours

Phase 4

(6 months)

Working with cancer patients or another complex health issue, you will be running an international online clinic along with Dr Shrikant.


Phase four comprises:

  • Building your online niche community
  • Building a portfolio of 25+ niche cases
  • Creating information about homeopathic
    support in your niche

In this module:

Students will be taking cases and seeing follow-ups. In order to build experience, we will be looking for a portfolio of a minimum of 25 cases in your niche area.

Dr Shrikant will be supporting you through initial and follow-up consultations.

You will receive additional support in building your niche online community so that you have access to more and more clients in this niche area.

You will be tasked with creating awareness about homeopathic support in your niche, by creating information that can be shared with the community.


£230  £180 per month | ₹34,000 per month

(Early Bird offer ends 1st August)

Each phase needs to be completed before continuing to the next phase.

Each phase is anticipated to take 6 months to complete. If all elements are not completed within 6 months, you will be given the option to continue – fees will apply.


The first intake for Phase one will be in September 2022.
There will be one group mentoring webinar each month and private one to one supervision each month.


You will need internet and a Zoom or Whereby account for the webinars and to take cases online.


Please book a chat with Dr Shrikant to find out if this is the right programme for you. We will find the best time to have the monthly webinar to suit everyone on the course.

Please apply to join this mentoring programme if….


You want to be a Professional Homeopath

We are looking for homeopaths who want to see a minimum of 8 clients a week.

Building a viable practice with enough clients to bring you a continual supply of referrals is very important for the growth of homeopathy worldwide.


You want to be an Expert in your own Field

We are looking for homeopaths who want to be known for their success in their field. It is only with good results that we can grow homeopathy around the world.

You want to take clients no matter where they are in the world

We want to find homeopaths who can join the International arena in order to build specialist communities who are eager to learn more about the homeopathic choice for health care.

You are willing to invest time to learn

This mentoring programme will be very rewarding for those who can give it the time needed to see more clients, get the best results and record those results for worldwide data collection.

Client Testimonials




I was very fortunate to have Dr. Talari teach me early on in my career.

While I was finishing homeopathic school, I met Dr. Talari on an internship in India and after returning home, joined with a few others to have Dr. Talari teach us the finer skills of case taking, remedy pictures and differentiation, and rubric study.

Dr. Talari taught me how to take a case properly and thoroughly in order to discover the individuality of the patient and how to prescribe based on this.

I was able to observe Dr. Talari take many cases; his ability to find the general pattern along with the peculiar and characteristic symptoms of a patient is a testament to his laser-sharp focus when taking a case.

In addition to Dr. Talari’s classes, he also supervised many of my cases. It was during these cases that I learned more of the art of homeopathy – the small nuances that lead to better prescriptions.

To watch Dr. Talari take a case is a gift; to be taught at the level of detail that he teaches is invaluable.




Dr. Shrikant taught me the thoroughness of case taking and changed my practice for the positive. His teaching style is very thorough yet extremely interesting. His knowledge in material medical and repertory is renowned and it shows in his prescriptions. What made his teaching unique was his systematic approach to teaching, this allowed me to follow his methodology well and with ease infiltrating it into my practice immediately.

Early-bird Discount

for September intake:
Reserve your place before August 1st for the September start, for a £50 per month saving for up to 24 months. (ie a £2,500 saving on the full 2-year course)

“I look forward to enrolling you in this mentoring programme. I am very excited about this opportunity to help homeopaths achieve consistently good results with complex health issues. This programme is going to change the way homeopathy is perceived in the world and will change your practice forever. ”

Speak soon
Dr. Shrikant Talari