Homeopathy For Cancer

Homeopathy is a holistic science. A science which believes in treating the person as a whole. It considers disease to be a disturbance, a loss of balance in the body and mind. Such disturbances first cause changes in function of mind and body. Bodily functions like hunger, appetite, thirst, urine, stools etc are disturbed. Mind functions like emotions namely excessive grief, anger, grudges etc are first affected. If these functions are not restored at the right time with an appropriate homeopathic remedy, the loss of function grows into a pathology. Lack of proper assimilation and excretion in mind and body develops into more and more toxin accumulation. Toxins create an anaerobic environment in the whole being. Dr.Otto Warburg got a noble prize for his discovery that cancer cells develop in an anaerobic, oxygen and nutrition lacking environment.

To kill cancer cells with another toxic chemotherapeutic agent, radiation therapy is – To cut off the branches of a tree but make the soil more fertile with these agents. The tree is only going to grow back faster with newer vigour.

The homeopathic way is to hit the root not the branches. The root is to cleanse the toxins in mind and body. A healthy aerobic environment full of nutrition give birth to new healthy cells. Cancer cells cease to exist in a healthy environment.

It’s a gentle approach to relieve the suffering, pain in the patient with no side effects. It makes the patient grow stronger and healthier by the day. It helps the patient get rid of the cancer cells with no aggressive or destructive approach. A painless, suffering free treatment.