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 These videos are made for professional homeopaths. Its my personal mission to make the most authentic homeopathic knowledge accessible to every corner of the earth. An attempt to contribute in human well being and health. Its a  mission to help homeopaths achieve excellence in practice. The videos are life transforming and make you one of the best in the world. Some of the most subtle and advanced skills are shared here. These videos are made keeping in mind a beginner and an advanced homeopath.

What do we teach in our videos?

Primarily our present focus is on  – Mind Rubrics of Dr. J.T. Kent’s Repertory Of Homeopathic Materia Medica.  Each video on the mind rubric is explained exhaustively with its exact meaning, patient expressions, remedy differentiation, cross references etc. However, we do have some videos on cancer cases, other case illustrations, case taking skills, materia medica etc. These videos are going to chanage your life and make you an amazingly skilled homeopath.

Study of Rubric 

Absent Minded


In Homeopathy

Theme of Lac


Case Taking Dr. Talari

Part 1

Cancer Patients

Awareness Webinar

Dr. Shrikant Talari

Cancer Video

At the outset I would like to say Dr.Shrikant is an amazing doctor. My father a retied physiotherapist from the Indian army was treated by him. My father was 86 yrs old with advanced colorectal cancer. Due to his age, health status and unwillingness we could not give him any treatments like surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. So allopath was ruled out, then we got in touch of Dr.Shrikant. He gave us some hope about it, I am really glad that we got in touch with him. My dad has many complaints like, nausea, vomiting severe constipation, no appetite, loss of weight, anaemia. He spent many sleepless nights. When homeopathy was started he had very good relief, homeopathy did wonders for him. Although he could not be saved he had a very peaceful death. I am so glad that homoeopathy medicine has really worked wonders for him.. Thank you so much!! Dr.Shrikant Talari is very patient, listens to the problem, he relates it to us and explain it well in a very calm and quiet manner.

Milika Biswas


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