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These videos are made for professional homeopaths. Its my personal mission to make the most authentic homeopathic knowledge accesable to every corner of the earth.

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Homeopathic Cancer Workshop


24th April and 25th April 2024

This is a course on how you can help cancer patients in your practice.

At the age of 70 my aunt was diagnosed of lung cancer which had spread all over the body. We had been suggested she does not have life more than six months or one year. In no way was my aunt ready for chemotherapy or radiation therapy, so tried for other alternatives. I came to know about Dr.Shrikant Talari through my colleagues who were his patients. Initially, when we came to him, we were very skeptical of the treatment.

My aunt was suffering a lot, continuous coughing, breathlessness, she could not move, was bed ridden, we had to feed her, bath her etc.

To our surprise we saw results within one to one and a half month’s treatment. My aunt’s cough became lesser and lesser by the day. She started to move around. The most dramatic part of the situation was she gained weight in 6 months.Some our relatives who are doctors and radiologists when briefed of the situation were surprised to know and they said this is something miracle happening. Once after a year of treatment my aunt told me, now I do not need any treatment I am fully fit. Once she climbed 3 staircases, that was a real puzzle for me!!! She continued to live happily with no sufferings for 4 years. Even her death was absolutely painless and smooth. This was the way we gained benefit from Dr.Shrikant Talari’s treatment.


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