Once you decide to meet me, we will have an initial full consult. Durning this consult we will study all your symptoms in details, your diagnosis, your past illnesses. Along with your life style, food habits, mental, emotional state. Based on the information you give we shall be able to choose a remedy that fits your needs. Be very clear and describe all about your self because this is what gives us an idea of what remedy to give you.

Once the initial consult is over, you will be prescribed remedies. Any response to the remedy, if you feels needs to be updated you can email me. A detail response will studied by me during our follow up’s. Usually we meet once a month for follow up. However, any acute complaint in between you can email me, and if needed we will meet.


Acute Consult – 52 USD | 4,000 inr

This is for those who just want to quick consult for some acute illness like fever, cold, cough, viral infection etc.

Initial Full Consult – 250 USD | 18,000 INR

For those requiring a chronic treatment for their illnesses. This consult with be about a details study of your disease and your personality

Follow Up- 100 USD | 7,500 INR

A regular periodic check up, for those whose full consult is done. This follow up is to see how you are doing and where to take it from there.

I had undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiation once, a repeat PET scan after a year showed relapse of the disease. Oncologist advised me another surgery, I was very disappointed, discouraged, hopeless. What ever happens I did not want to get operated, once I under went all that with lot of suffering. Didn’t want to go through it again. Someone told me about Dr.Shrikant, I talked with him, my hopelessness started to get a bit of hope. I said let’s take chance.This time I chose homeopathy. I started taking the treatment I felt really good, I started feeling I am healthy. Slowly my confidence increased in his treatment. Today I want to thank Dr.Shrikant because I am cancer free without undergoing an operation. My Pet scan after 1 year treatment came back normal. Today I feel so good!! I feel I am fit now.

Vasundhara Vishwakarma

(30 yrs old female with Malignant Nerve Cell Tumour)

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