COLON CANCER – Its Homeopathic treatment

Colon cancers are considered to be the 4th most deadliest and 3rd most common cancer in the world.

Causes Of Colon Cancer :-

A. Genetic factors – Strong family history.

B. Intrinsic causes – Mental and physical
MENTAL – Stress, grief, tensions, grudge etc.

PHYSICAL – Food habits – Excess sugar, red meat. No fibre rich food – no fresh vegetables, fruits etc. Excretion- stool, constipation ( toxin accumulation lead to cancer), Life style causes – sedentary lifestyle, modern day stress, travel etc), Inherent diseases – Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease.

C. Extrinsic Causes – Exposure to toxins. Tobacco, alcohol. Lack of proper nutrition.

One of the first thing we need to do for prevention and treatment of colon cancer is improve bowel habits. The function of colon is to excrete waste products. If these are not excreted properly they cause toxin accumulation, injury and subsequently cancer.

Lifestyle and diet changes which improve bowel excretion, eating fresh vegetables, high fibre foods, green leafy vegetables etc are helpful. Regular exercise and avoiding triggering factors like smoking also play a significant role.

However, for the treatment this is not enough. We have to recognise that there was some inherent problem in your body due to which the excretion stopped. This inherent problem needs to be addressed to prevent, reduce suffering and stop relapse of cancer.

The inherent factors are genetic factors, immunity to heal injury. Homeopathic remedies have the potential to heal injuries promote healthy tissue to prevent relapse and treat an already present cancer.

Another important part of healing is mind and emotions. Generally, according to the GNM theory patients with colon cancer have a conflict with relation to absorption. Figuratively patient in their life is not been able to accept, absorb certain factors like a promotion, car, house or some such thing. These things in their life are not been gained or lost or they have not been able to accept it properly. Hence, there is an ugly fight at office, with friend or family on issues related to money, property, divorce etc.

A rightly selected homeopathic remedy can resolve this mental, emotional conflict, genetic predisposition and heal disease. This gives lasting relief of symptoms with no side effects. Homeopathy is a very gentle form of medicine to cure illness with comfort and care. Once these inherent factors are healed, if we complement them with a healthy lifestyle the cancer disease can be overcome in a very significant way.

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