Choose the right lifestyle and dietary changes to recover

Cancer is caused by an inherent disposition coupled with external stimuli. External stimuli can be improper diet, bad life style or exposure to toxins, pollution etc.

The treatment of cancer includes treating the inherent disposition with the homeopathic medicine coupled with good lifestyle and dietary changes.

Patients today are exposed to so many different types of diet, detoxification therapies etc. Some are advised these nutrients are deficient, that is the cause so eat these foods or take these supplements. Some are advised use liver detox some are advised bowel detox etc. And each one has a different detox or a different supplement.

What is important to note here is, while all these advises seem to work for some patients it does not work for all patients. Out of all the different options available we have to choose the one that suits our body and our needs.

First we have to be sure if you need a specific nutrient or no. Do all the symptoms as a whole indicate that nutrient? We cannot just take a supplement based on one or two indications and expect results. Or take all supplements and expect results. The same applies to detox therapies and life style changes.

To have consistent results we need a person who understands you, studies all your symptoms and then defines this is exactly your problem and solution. It needs an individuals study. After this is defined we have to choose that therapy which suits you. It’s not like okay this nutrient is deficient so give it in any form, it again has to be a given in a form which suits the patient. Which is inherent to the patients genetic, inherent make up.

Let me explain this with a case example – I once was treating a caecum cancer case. He was with me on homeopathic treatment for more than 2 years and was doing amazingly well. His cancer reduced in size with only homeopathic treatment no chemotherapy or surgery. However in bowel cancers a good bowel movement is essential to prevent relapse. His constipation had improved by 50 % but not improving any further. Considering he also had heart disease, high cholesterol we decided to give some bowel cleansers which can also give good nutrition. He started taking wheat grass. Wheat grass has high fibre for bowel cleansing and high nutrients to promote healing in arteries and reduce cholesterol. However to our disappointment after 3 month of wheat grass therapy there was very minimum effect.

One day he told me doctor I had the habit of eating Ghee (butter) since childhood. Since I developed heart complaints I was asked stop eating ghee(butter) and since then the constipation began. The constipation later progress to cancer. I asked him to take ghee again and assured to take care of the heart and cholesterol. He was so happy. Next month he came smiling saying my bowels are completely clear everyday now. Now I knew I have prevented the relapse of cancer in a significant manner. Its more than 5 years now he has not had a relapse, mind you he also had uncontrolled diabetes when he came that too is under control now.

What about the heart then? Well the point is if you are made up by certain foods since childhood your body needs it and you should take it. It will not cause you any harm. Yes we still do a regular check up of his cholesterol levels and that seems normal. He stopped his anti cholesterol medicines too.

Hence we should not take any advise just like that, we have to individualise and see how to adapt that advise to our needs. What may be good for you may be bad for me and vice versa. Many patients are suffering today because they blindly follow and not individualise.

To individualise is what homeopathy is all about, we will help you choose your medicine, your diet and your lifestyle that suits you. Help you experience the magic of individualised tailor made treatment.

Please remember in medicine there are only guidelines no rules. There is no rule that do not eat fatty food if you have heart complaints. It is a guideline if you eat excess fat more than your need then it can cause heart disease. Nobody talks about excess everyone only hears fat. So we have to study your personality, your nature , how you have been brought up, and how much fat you need. Not just stop everything blindly. You need to check if you stop blindly, is it giving you symptoms, listen to them and adapt. Do not blindly follow sometimes stoping, doing aggressive diets is more harmful. Like this patient stopped ghee and complaints increased he developed cancer, cholesterol kept increasing. He starts eating and everything thing is back to normal.

This choice of what kind of individualise medicine, diet and lifestyle changes you need is made by a homeopath. The homeopath studies your case from all these angles.

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