Cancer Prevention – How to Overcome fear of developing cancer.

For this knowing cancer is essential. No cancer develops in a day. It takes years for it to develop.

External factors like smoking, alcohol, unhealthy lifestyles are to be controlled. However, we see many patients develop cancer inspite of being very careful, living a healthy life. It is because there are always two aspects to disease i.e. external and internal.

If our internal mind and body are predisposed inspite of the best care and healthy life style patients develop cancer. If the internal is good, we all know even after smoking some seem to not develop cancer and are relatively healthy.

The internal factors are genetic predisposition, mental and emotional stress, predisposing illnesses.

Homeopathy deals with each of these in a very effective manner.

Genetic Predisposition – Homeopaths are able to see the genetic link with their detailed case taking and analysis of symptoms. They call such a link a miasmatic predisposition. When a patient receives an anti-miasmatic remedy it ensures the predisposition is taken care of.

Mental and emotional stress – It’s been proven now that mind and body are connected. Mental stress is accepted as the cause of cancer.

Mental stress develops as a result of our inability to cope up with difficult circumstances and people. We tend to hold on to such emotions and develop cancer.

With homeopathic remedies such emotions are released and a new vital soul is able to cope up with stress. Thus, ensuring complete healing.

Similarly a well selected homeopathic remedy takes care of all the predisposing illness to prevent cancer.

In this way with help of homeopathy when all internal factors along with external factors are taken care of in a person, there is no reason left behind for cancer to develop.

Thus, reducing all chances to develop cancer. This is how we prevent cancer.