Breast cancer – PREVENTION

It is one of the most common type of cancer’s in women today. It mainly is due to the Morden lifestyle, hormone imbalance and menstrual irregularities.

There are a variety of reasons for it to become so common today :-
Hormonal pills for birth control
Late marriage, late pregnancy or no pregnancy
Mental emotional stress
Excess eating to enjoy or overcome stress – obesity
Alcoholism, drugs , smoking
Loss of sleep due to stress etc.

Some other reasons are breast issues like repeated abscesses, lack of breast feeding. Strong family history is one very big factor.

Women today need to realise the importance of going through the normal natural processes of the body in time to prevent cancer or any major illness. This in itself is a major prevention strategy.

Just living a normal life free of any medicine, stress is in itself healing and prevents majority of illnesses.

If there is any treatment needed initially it is to help the women come to terms with life, help her mentally emotionally to make the right decisions, develop the right attitude towards stress etc. This helps them take the right job, marry the right partner, choose the right food etc.

Here in come homeopathic medicine which has the potential study the physical and mental make up of the women. A homeopathic remedy chosen on this basis heals her mentally, emotionally and physically. More importantly it has the capability to cause genetic changes, reduce the tendency of family history of cancer.

So, choose homeopathy for a holistic well being. To enjoy physical mental and spiritual well being.