Breast cancer – Its homeopathic treatment

Breast cancer

Is the most common type of cancer in the world. It most often affects females. However rarely men are affected.

Women who develop breast cancer initially may see symptoms like Change in breast size, shape
Lump in breast
Nipple inversion
Colour change – Redness, orange colour etc..

It is best to get examined and investigated if any such symptoms appear.

Especially if you have risk factors like

Family or past history. Patient with Genetic (BRCA) mutations have 85% chances of developing the cancer.
Female with late pregnancies, early menopause, used of oral contraceptive pills, radiation exposure and old age have increased risk of genetic mutations.

Genetic mutations happen as a result of injury to the proteins. These injuries can be caused by various factors like toxins, mental stress, age, unhealthy food habits or lack of exercise etc.

For the treatment of breast cancer we need to heal the injury at genetic level. Getting rid of the cells with chemotherapy, surgery or radiation is not enough. Until the mutation is there cancer cells are going to be produced.

What patients are not aware of is genetic mutations have effect on all the cells of the body. So even if the cancer cells are removed from one spot, the mutations do produce symptoms in other parts of the body. Therefore, a holistic approach is needed.

A holistic approach where we look at all the symptoms of the patient in every part of the body and mind. In homeopathy we choose a remedy which covers and takes care of every cell in the body.

This in turn promotes healing on cellular and genetic level. In this way cancer can be prevented, resolved and palliated with homeopathy. Homeopathy with its depth and gentleness gives symptomatic relief with no side effects.

It is the only science I know of which can really treat the cause at genetic level. Which has to be the way to understand and treat breast cancer.

Experience a well being at mind, body and genetic level with homeopathy. To know more…click here